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great Black Keys quote…

whether or not you’re a fan, I think that people who love the Black Keys love the vintage aspect of their sound. People make a lot of assumptions about sound and the art making process in general.. but as Dan explains… it’s never what it totally seems… :)

“We’re going through all of these tubes and transformers, so tape is not as necessary. We’ve gone through a lot of gear: you find out what works for you, what gets those sounds. But it has less to do with tape then it does with miking techniques and the arrangements.”

Dan Auerbach in Electronic musician…

I couldn’t have said it better myself…

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making the most of opportunities

I’m sure most people who don’t work on records might feel that it’s all fun with a little bit of work, unfortunately, most of the time it’s a little bit of fun with a lot of work. But every now and then you really get an opportunity to rethink the ways you do things. Continue reading

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Insightful Eric Valentine quote….

It seems like everyone has an opinion on digital recording…I read this quote by Eric Valentine (if you don’t know who he is and you make records then… ) and it was such a perfect way of describing exactly how I feel that I felt I needed to post it… I couldn’t have said it any better… it’s never the tools… it’s the skills.. Continue reading

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