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Victory is Music “Soothing Me So” Apple iPhone 5s commercial

Victory is Music “Soothing Me So”

The Drama. LA’s real rock.

Trey Tosh in the studio.

The Drama “Love Song”.

Crystal Fighters “Cave Rave” preview.

Victory “Bad Man”.

Reubens Accomplice “I Love You, But I’m Tired”.

Recording Bo Koster for Neko Case at Boulevard Recording

new Sarah Kramer video for a song I mixed called “Home”

New Reubens Accomplice song…

The Making of “A Painting of A Painting On Fire.

Michael Chaves killing it on omnichord for the Marc Carroll record.

Alana Anderson tracking drums and kicking ass with the Pinz.

Pete Thomas tracking tambo for Jonny “2 Bags” at Redstar Recording.

Jonny “2 Bags” mixing at Redstar Recording… w/ an injured Zander Schloss..

Courtney Marie Andrews “Bumper In The Hail”… oscilloscope1/2″ tape printing at RedStar (vid by Matt Kaner… thanks Matt!)

The Drama at RedStar


Ryan Monroe recording techniques:)


Liquid Love Letter recording with Bo Koster:


Studio tour:

Dixie Chicks “Taking the Long Way” Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA.